What is Ezer?

So much deeper than simply a “help meet,” the Hebrew calls women ezer kenegdo, a warrior opposite man.

What does true, Biblical ezer kenegdo design look like for our lives?

Biblical Context.

The Word of God is alive and active, so important to our faith. Understanding the depth of the passages, culture, and language is vital to prevent twisting and abuse of Scripture.

Community and Accountability.

Competition and comparison is a deadly poison to friendship. Let’s cheer each other on in our unique, God-designed callings!

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To The Single Woman of God

This post is for every woman who loves Jesus and has experienced marriage or family focused ministry and felt left out or forgotten. This post is for any woman who wants to understand her single sister’s heart. This post is for the woman who needs to be reminded that she isn’t worth any less because […]

For The Crushed In Spirit

Two years ago a pastor and mental health advocate I adored died by suicide. When I read the news I wept. He was such a strong, powerful voice for those who loved Jesus and also struggled with depression. In the days that followed I was mortified to see speakers and influencers denounce him and say […]

Of Hopes And Dreams

I have wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember. Poetry, investigative journalism, novels… I just wanted to write. Books inspired me, grew me, and kept me alive. In my darkest and loneliest times I had Jesus and books. I started writing books as a preteen when I learned that Christopher […]

“My friend, you had horses, and deed of arms, and the free fields; but she, being born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien